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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access home infusion services?

When you are needing extended intravenous therapy you should be given choices to obtain it from a clinic, an infusion therapy center or a home infusion provider. If your choice is home infusion, you will be referred to us by your provider. You can also contact us directly and RHI will work with your health care team to plan your IV therapy at home.

What are the benefits of home infusion?

Home infusion allows you to recover safely and comfortably at home while returning to your normal life. With home infusion, you avoid exposure to sources of infection at hospitals and clinics, which is critically important when you are recovering from a major medical event or have a weakened immune system.

For most patients, home infusion is less expensive than receiving the same therapy in a hospital or clinic. In addition, your financial burden is less because you may be able to return to work while receiving therapy.

Does my insurance cover home infusion?

The vast majority of commercial insurance plans cover home infusion services. Rochester Home Infusion calls your insurance company to determine your coverage and will explain your benefits before starting therapy. We also bill your insurance directly.

Medicare and Medicaid covers some home infusion therapies and are considered on a case by case basis. Medicare coverage is limited.

For more information on insurance coverage for home infusion visit our insurance page.

What support and education will I receive during my IV therapy?

Our RHI nurse will meet with you in the hospital or clinic before discharge to show you and your family how to give your medication. The nurse will answer your questions about your medication, how your care will be coordinated with your physician and address any questions you may have. Written instructions will be provided, including contact information for our 24/7 support line. Our clinicians are ready to answer questions and if needed, we will contact your physician.

A nurse will visit you in your home shortly after discharge to reinforce the education. They will also come to your home at least weekly to draw labs, assess your medical progress and help maintain your line.

How are medications given in the home setting?

We make your IV therapy at home easy so you can resume your normal daily lives.

For information on methods of administering medication, go to our patient education videos.

The following are some examples of how your medication will be given at home:

  • Intramuscular - Medication is in a syringe and is given by direct injection into the muscle.
  • Subcutaneous - Medication is in a syringe and is given by direct injection into the fatty tissue.
  • Intravenous - The medication is infused into the bloodstream using an intravenous (IV) line.

Medication Delivery without a Pump

  • Intravenous push - The medication is in a syringe and administered through your IV line over three to five minutes.
  • Eclipse Device - The medication is in a ball shaped container, which connects to your line. It will infuse over 30 to 60 minutes depending on your medication.

Medication Delivery with a Pump

Portable pumps deliver medications at a steady rate and allow greater mobility than pushing around a traditional IV pole.

  • Mechanical Pump — The medication is in a syringe that is loaded into a spring action pump and given over a certain period of time. The pump only has two buttons: start and speed setting. The syringe pump can go inside a backpack or a fanny pack for increased mobility.
  • Computerized Ambulatory Pump — Some medications require delivery by a computerized pump. The pump is pre-programmed by an RHI clinician, double-checked, and the settings are locked. Your nurse will teach you how to connect and disconnect from your pump. In addition, a 24/7 clinician support line is always available. The computerized pump can go inside a backpack or a fanny pack for increased mobility.

Rochester Home Infusion's goal is to make your IV therapy simple and easy to learn to support your active life.

How will my home infusion therapy be managed?

Rochester Home Infusion actively engages your nurse and physician team in your IV therapy. RHI sends your physician your laboratory results and regularly updates them on your progress. Our clinicians can also contact your physician directly.

Through our collaborative care model, we deliver better outcome and experience for you and your loved ones.