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SERVICES: Magnesium Infusion
DIAGNOSIS: Leukemia (Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia)


Carol and her husband are happily retired and were ready to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Carol, however, was diagnosed with leukemia (CMML) and received a stem cell transplant. The couple temporarily relocated to Rochester for treatment but longed to regain their independence and control, despite the daily challenges after a transplant.


Carol needed daily magnesium infusions to help manage the side effects of a transplant medication. The level of magnesium in her body must be monitored closely and her dosage adjusted to meet her needs.


The RHI clinical team trained Carol and her husband how to do infusions at home instead of spending three hours per day traveling to receive Magnesium at an infusion center. Home infusion allowed them to have a predictable schedule and regain autonomy and control of their lives. They have been able to go on weekend trips to their beautiful lakeside home to relax, recharge, and recover with nature.