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SERVICES: Antibiotic Therapy
DIAGNOSIS: Cystic Fibrosis (CF) with Recurrent Lung Infections


Holden is 5 years old and is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Like most kids, he is not a fan hospitals or needles, but because of his CF and chronic lung infections, Holden has been hospitalized multiple times. His goal is always to leave the hospital as soon as possible so he can sleep in his own bed, play with his own toys, and be with his siblings and family. Holden just wants to heal as fast as possible and return to being a boy.



RHI collaborated with Mayo Pediatric Pulmonologists to provide Holden with long-term intravenous antibiotics to help with his pneumonia. Kris Gillard, his RN specialist from RHI, provided training and support for the family on how to administer Holden's medication through an ambulatory pump.


With support from RHI, Holden was able to go home, get back to school, and return to playing on the school playground – all while receiving his medication. Although Holden may occasionally need IV antibiotics because of the CF, the goal for him is to prevent hospitalization, and when possible, start IV therapy sooner.