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SERVICES: 24/7 Inotropic Infusion (Milrinone)
DIAGNOSIS: Congenital Heart Failure


Steven was born with a severe heart defect and has had several open-heart operations since he was an infant. He became one of the only two trained paramedics in his small town in South Dakota while raising his four children with his wife. He was working on a buffalo farm when his health started to decline once again. Steven needed intravenous inotropic medications to help his heart pump blood better and maintain his blood pressure.


Steven and his team at RHI worked in collaboration with his physician to transition him back home, maintain 24/7 infusion of Milrinone through a permanent IV line, and enable him to provide for his family and live as close to normal of a life as possible.


While on Milrinone, Steven continued to work on the farm cutting and baling hay, operating tractors, fencing a 500-acre farm, and helping his wife raise their four busy children while waiting for a new heart. Steven recently received a mechanical heart pump as his condition continued to worsen and is now listed on the highest priority list for patients needing a heart. Rochester Home Infusion supported Steven and his family as they participated in the 5K VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) Walk sponsored by the Mayo Clinic. Steven was the first ever VAD patient to finish the 5K course, and the RHI team was there to help and cheer him on throughout the experience.