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SERVICES: Antibiotic Therapy
DIAGNOSIS: Poly-Articular Septic Arthritis


Stuart was hospitalized, unable to move, for more than a month due to multiple infections in the joints of his hands, wrists, shoulder, hip, and knees from unknown cause. It was a scary experience not only for Stuart and his family but also for his close-knit community. He was placed on long term antibiotic that required constant monitoring of the antibiotic levels in his bloodstream. Elevated levels could cause kidney toxicity while levels that are too low can results in undertreated infection.



RHI provided antibiotics and vigilant monitoring to prevent the infection from spreading further and to prepare Stuart's body for surgery. It was important to minimize the harmful side effects of his medication. Home infusion not only enabled Stuart to recover at home but it also allowed his wife to go back to work. His grandchildren were able to visit while "grandpa" regained his strength.


Stuart and his wife were very happy to have been able to do infusion at home. Stuart slept better on his own bed and his pain greatly improved. They were also able to visit friends and attend church service with family. They value their independence but also welcomes the support of their children during challenging times.