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IV Therapy at Home

Safe & Easy

Home infusion has been a standard of care for over 40 years, as many conditions requiring ongoing IV therapy do not require a hospital stay. Many IV therapies can be delivered safely and efficiently at home, work or school, and in most cases, patients find home infusion more convenient. Home infusion also reduces the risk of hospital acquired infections, compared to infusions administered in hospital and clinic settings.*

Preparation &

On our visit – often before you leave the hospital or clinic – we prepare your first dose and meet with you to explain your therapy. In many cases, our home infusion nurse will train you how to administer your medication at home, typically through an intravenous line designed for long term use.


Our RHI clinical team will monitor your clinical progress and update your physician regularly. A clinical pharmacist, who is an expert in drug monitoring, will call you on a regular basis to assess your response to therapy. In addition, we monitor your laboratory results and perform weekly care conference with your home infusion nurse to so we can further evaluate your overall response to treatment.

Our collaborative model of care is designed to put the best minds in medicine to achieve the best possible patient outcome

* The Center for Disease Control’s Health-Care Associated Infection (HAI) prevalence survey in 2011 estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S. acute care hospitals where 75,000 patients die during their hospitalization. HAIs is a major threat to patient safety. http://www.cdc.gov/hai/surveillance/