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Immunoglobulin Therapy

Immunoglobulins are used for a variety of immunodeficiency conditions, neurologic disorders, transplant therapies, infectious disease, Kawasaki disease, and other indications. For many patients, immunoglobulin is needed to remain active or even to live.

Many immunoglobulin therapy protocols are complex, and require real expertise to administer correctly. We are experts in administering and managing immunoglobulin therapies in the home setting, so that you can live life to the fullest.


The advent of immunoglobulins have changed the lives of patient’s who otherwise would not be able to fully participate in day to day activities. These patients are participating in school, going to work, and creating value in our community.

Rochester Home Infusion has created a comprehensive model of care designed to optimize patients’ outcomes and experience. We collaborate with the best minds in medicine not only to formulate the best treatment plan for you, but also how to manage and prevent the side effects of immunoglobulin infusions. We recognize that from patient’s point of view that the side effects of immunoglobulin infusion can be the most challenging part of their therapy.


  • Our pharmacists and nurse clinicians are highly skilled in drug and disease state monitoring and education. Their depth of knowledge is a key service differentiator.
  • Our clinicians conduct a thorough clinical assessment to understand your medical symptoms, your response to therapy, and how well you are tolerating your infusions.
  • We work with your physician to come up with the best pre-, intra- and post-medication regimen to prevent and minimize side effects of immunoglobulins. We continue to evaluate side effects so that we can customize your regimen based on your personal experience.
  • We thoughtfully plan your infusion set-up at home for your comfort and convenience.
  • Our nurse will stay with you throughout the duration of your infusion to continuously assess your treatment and help manage any side effects.
RHI’s team has a thoughtful in home and detailed approach. They provide high-quality care and their nurses deliver the best IV therapy. I’ve been with a national home infusion provider before, and I was surprised by the unmatched expertise in monitoring and side effects management that I continue to receive from RHI.
L.V., Minneapolis, MN